>I love storms, I really really do, but I have my limits. There are big storms in Houston today, I mean BIG! We have been under tornado watches and warnings all day. The rain has been literally non-stop since last night. Torrential downpour. 4 people have died from trying to drive through the floods. I don’t really have anything funny to say, I don’t think I’ve ever felt like a hostage, today I do. My office closed early because of the storm, they said get home as fast as possible, and the office has a tornado safe room! I’m at the hotel now just waiting it out. The news isn’t making my fears anyless. There are 18 wheelers stuck in the middle of the highways. Also the shit was literally scared out of me today during a lightening storm this afternoon when a severe set of chain lightening struck the other side of the parking lot. I literally had to cover my eyes, it was so bright. Wow, what a day! And whats this hearing of Calgary getting 5cm of snow?!?! I don’t know which is worse!

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To make myself feel better, i got a giggle out of the product below that I found in the Skymall magazine I stole yesterday from the plane.

Cereal Dispenser

Product Description (I’ve highlighted my favorite parts!)

NEW! The easiest breakfast you’ll ever make!
With the automatic Breakfix Cereal Dispenser, fixing the day’s first meal will never again be a messy, time consuming chore.
Breakfix uses the same principles as a coffee-maker, dispensing pre-measured portions of cereal with a touch of a button–no mess, no fuss.
Controlled portions also help to keep pounds off.(WHAT!) Looks great in your kitchen and cleans in a snap. A healthy gift for the whole family–the kids will love it!

Isn’t cereal already the easiest cleanest breakfest you can have?

Mike Morrison