This week’s ‘I Can’t Stop Listening To…’ is Michael Bernard Fitzgerald.

Everyone in Calgary has been talking about MBF since last year’s Virgin Fest. But since I live in a city that still regularly requests Kid Rock on the radio, I obviously had my reservations.
However, after two recent sold out shows in Vancouver and Calgary, I could no longer ignore the buzz surrounding the 23 year-old musician. So I finally visited his myspace page and now I have a whole new problem: I can’t turn him off.
MBF’s songs are the kind that are so good, you sorta get an inkling of great sadness whenever they end. So you hit replay, then they soon end again. So you hit replay again and again and again. Soon you realize that the day is almost over and you haven’t even left your apartment, but you’ve nailed down the lyrics and you have a pretty good idea of what the music video should look like.
The more I listen, the harder it becomes to choose just one song, my current addiction is Movie Life, but running in a close second Reach You, mostly because it is a free download on his website.
He also makes some pretty sweet low-budget videos. Even though I’m sure most of them were free to make, they still tend to be more impressive than music videos you’d find on MuchMusic.
Check out his video for Movie Life that was filmed in a van with a bunch of girls. (It is better than it sounds.)

Mike Morrison