In today’s edition of How Old Do You Feel Now? It was just announced that Futurama will be releasing a complete series DVD set to celebrate their….wait for it….tenth anniversary.

Yes, Futurama is ten years old.  That grey hair on your head?  Yeah, now you have seven more.
The 19-disc set will be hitting the stands in October and would make an excellent Halloween gift….ahem.  According to the press release, you probably aren’t going to want to wait to see if you get it for Halloween.
“The Futurama The Complete Collection is highly collectible, with only 25,000 copies being produced one time ever.  The collection is jam-packed with bonus materials including a letter from the “Futurama” creator Matt Groening and producer David X. Cohen, commentary from various cast members, numerous deleted scenes, an interactive still gallery, blooper reels and more.  The complete 19-disc collection will be available for $199.98 in Canada.  For those fans that already own every “Futurama” adventure on DVD, a limited number of empty “Bender Heads” will also be available for purchase. “

Very very cool.
Oh and don’t forget, new episodes of Futurama are coming back in 2010!  They are airing on Comedy Central in the states, which means that hopefully the Comedy Network will pick them up here.  On second thought, if they are making a new season, doesn’t that make the aforementioned complete series release sorta silly?  Nevermind, I still want it!

Also, I feel like this is an ideal time to start the discussion about why more people don’t give Halloween gifts.  It’s like three quarters of the way to Christmas, so why not?  It’s the right thing to do.

Mike Morrison