>Tonight’s story is a nice one. It involves my friend named…um…Myke. Yes, that’ll do. Well the other night Myke was not feeling very well and during his Nyquill and Tylonol induced dizzy period signed up his photo for Hot or Not. “I know I’m not ugly” Thought Mik…um Myke. Well several days later Myke received some very humling news. He was, as many girls in Junior High always told him, ugly. Well not ugly, but certainly not Hot as the site would love you to believe. Yes, he received a shocking 4.1. He was indeed a Not. Well Myke did not take this information well, unfortunalty (for the Jr. High girls) his Nyquil bottle was previously emptied and was left to listen to sad The OCesque music and wonder where he went wrong. Was it the not working out? The loss of his hair? (He would like to remind Hot or Not voters not to punish those who do not control male pattern baldness.) Left with little answers he decided to go to the site and see who was actually hotter than him? He was further disturbed to see that (names have been changed) “Farmer Mullet” received a 6. “Showered Last Year” even got a 6.5. Wow things weren’t looking good for me…..ugh..him. Myke. He continued through the site. “Oh come on that guy doesn’t even have teeth!” Well after this he had quite enough and closed the site. He sat there and realized that he was sitting home alone on a Saturday night with candles lite and thought to himself: “I wonder if the pharamacy is still open?”

The end. I’m (I mean He) is going to be ok.

Mike Morrison


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