This Saturday, dancers from all over Alberta will be decending upon Calgary, in hopes of someday soon being named “Canada’s Favourite Dancer!” With the auditions for the third season of So You Think You Can Dance Canada just hours away, I got the chance to catch up with special guest judge, Stacey Tookey and asked her what it would take win the whole thing!

Aspiring dancers (and hockey players) take note!

Bloggity Blog: How does someone stand out at the auditions?
Stacey Tookey:

-Dress to impress..where something that stands out and that represents the kind of dancer you are.
-Have a good personality…it is a T.V. show and we want to see your personality through your dancing.
-Have confidence and dance your heart out . I always say when your auditioning remember that we (judges) WANT you to be good..we are on your side!! If you go in with that attitude it helps shake the nerves.

Bloggity Blog: Can someone with no professional training win So You Think You
Can Dance Canada?

Stacey Tookey: It is definitely a possibility. Although trained dancers have an advantage for they will pick up styles and choreography easier then someone who has had no experience but there is definitely such thing as raw talent. Also, if you are “untrained” you have to be exceptional at what you do (your own style) and show that you have the ability to do the other styles as well.

Bloggity Blog: How important is it to know different types of dance before you

Stacey Tookey: It will make your journey easier the more styles of dance that you are comfortable with but it is not a necessity to audition for the show. You get to choose which style you audition with so thats your best chance to “wow” us. Then if you make it through you better be a quick learner.

Bloggity Blog: What is the most common mistake you see at auditions?
Stacey Tookey: Lack of confidence. Believing in your self goes along way. You definitely have to have talent , its not like determination is everything…but I have seen a lot of really good dancers let nerves get the best of them and have a bad audition.

Bloggity Blog Do you still get nervous to audition? How due calm your nerves?
Stacey Tookey: Yes! Auditioning is terrifying for dancers. It is one of the only professions where you can lose the job based on the way you look. So much goes into preparing for an audition and then before you know it its over and often you feel like it could have gone a lot better. Although the more you audition the easier it does get cause you know what to expect and I guess you kind of grow a thick skin to protect yourself. I always try to make auditioning a fun experience weather I’m auditioning or judging an audition. Ultimately, you will do your best when your most relaxed, prepared and have confidence. Remember why you love to dance and then just let your body do the rest.

Bloggity Blog: Why do you think Albertans have been so successful at So You
Think You Can Dance Canada?

Stacey Tookey: We have great training in Alberta! There is a huge dance community in Alberta and we have a great reputation for extremely good dancers. I say its a combination of the exposure to the arts at an early age and to all the wonderful dance teachers out there. I have to give a personal shout out to my Mom Shelley Tookey who was my teacher and continues to train amazing dancers today….she’s the best!

Bloggity Blog: What is the biggest difference between dancers from the States and Canadians?
Stacey Tookey: This question is always so tough for me. I have been trying to figure it out for a long time. I think one difference is that generally speaking American dancers are more competitive and have a bit more “Fire”. As Canadians we tend to be a bit more polite and reserved as a country and I think that is reflected in our dancers sometimes. Although Canadians are also known for having great technique as dancers which has been noticed all around the world and is something to be proud of. I know I am proud to be a Canadian dancer.

Bloggity Blog: What is the one thing you want and don’t want to see at the

Stacey Tookey: We want to see dancers who are serious about dance and are determined and motivated to show Canada they have got what it takes!! What we don’t want to see… hockey players…sorry Canada 🙂

Mike Morrison


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