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You may have noticed that I like to travel. Whether it’s to far off places or destinations a little closer to home, my love of meeting new people, taking photos and going on adventures big and small, means that any chance I get, I like to pack up a bag and hit the open road…or whatever the equivalent of doing the same thing in a plane is.

Recently, Best Buy opened a new online shopping hub called VIVA.  Featuring over 900 pieces from top brands like Heys, Samsonite, Roots and Buggati, you can now get the things you need to make travel a breeze, while you’re buying all the gadgets you to need to capture every detail of the trip. Luggage to me is like watches and shoes. When you’re younger, you sorta just buy whatever, but as you get older, you really get a sense that the more quality the luggage, the easier your life actually becomes. A few weeks ago, I picked up a piece of Heys luggage from the VIVA. and it’s pretty much become my second wallet. How did I not know that putting four wheels on a bag would be so awesome? Yes, it’s true, sometimes it really is the little things.

Over the years, since I do travel so much, I’ve really pared down what I need to make sure the trip is a success, without being burdened down with heavy luggage. When you’re not worried about what you’re bringing, the possibilities for a remarkable trip really are limitless! Here are some of tmy op tips!

Tech: One rule: Bring everything you have. You never know when something might not work or something might come in handy. Oh, and make sure everything is charged. Okay, I guess that’s two rules. The day before I leave on a trip, almost every single one of my outlets is charging something. I can never remember when the last time I changed something was, so why not start fresh?

Pants: Never underestimate the power of a good pair of jeans. I like to expect the unexpected, so I bring a few pairs of pants, or as my mom calls them, slacks. But the jeans are definitely essential, because whether you’re going to a show, hike or dinner, they’ll also look good and appropriate.

Sweaters:  It can be tough to decide what kind of weather to bring, so I bring three. A hoodie, a regular sweater and a cardigan.  All of them will help you through any kind of situation that you might find yourself.  Plus, a cardigan is like a freebie because they are so small, they hardly take up any room at all!

Shirts: One casual, two dressy.  Even if I was going camping (which is like once a decade) I’d still bring two dress shirts. You never know when you might pitch a tent next to someone and you need to look a little dressier.  I know it sounds ridiculous, but what happens if the situation happens and you don’t have a dress shirt. Better safe than sorry!  (Oh and don’t worry about ironing before you pack, just do it when you get there.  Someone at a camp ground always has an iron.)

T-shirts:  I resisted the v-neck for as long as I could, but then shops started making the most comfortable shirt with v-necks and resistance proved futile.   Plus, travelling 101: always bring a shirt that says Canada, even if you’re in a Canada.  You’d be surprised how often desperately declaring that you’re Canadian gets you out of a tricky situation.

The shoes:  The shoes I pack are probably the most obvious way to see what kind of traveler I am. Whether I want to climb a mountain, sit on a boat or walk down cobblestone streets, I always make sure I have exactly what I need. The trick is, because you don’t want to pack too much, is that you have to be disciplined and bring only the shoes that you really want.  Don’t worry about your other shoes, they can come on the next trip!

The shirt: I don’t care what Jeanne Beker has to say, I’ll never go anywhere, during any time of year without my denim shirt.  It’s the closest thing I have to a child. So comfy.

Under-theres: As if I’m going to show them, but same rule: Better safe than sorry. Bring lots.

Then, with these tips, you’ll be able to pack up quickly, throw it in the car and get to exploring.



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