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This summer, I’ve teamed up with my friends at Telus to celebrate the great summer adventure! With months of warm weather still to come, Telus is helping Canadians stay connected for all your last-minute and weekend getaways,whether it’s down the street or on top of a mountain.

So you have that itch to travel, but where are you going to go? Well, as you know, I’m a big fan of adventure, especially right here in Alberta. So I’ve gathered together some of my favourite spots that I think the whole family will love. So it doesn’t matter if you’re an Olympic athlete or emerging from your bedroom to play PokemonGo, Alberta is packed with amazing adventures that you’ll never forget!


So you know how hiking is awesome?  Well what if you could go hiking without breaking a sweat. Ahh, now I got your attention.  After years of going on incredible adventures, they truly don’t get more thrilling than a heli-hiking adventure with Alpine Helicopters.  Within a matter of minutes of boarding the helicopter, you are being dropped off on top of a mountain. Not near a mountain, not on the middle of a mountain. But the top of a mountain.  The very top.  It’s incredible. From there, with the help of an amazing guide, you are walked down the mountain. Our hike took three hours and then the helicopter came and picked us up.  I did the heli-hiking experience with my nephew and boyfriend and they can attest to how many times I stopped in my tracks and uttered the words “Wow. Oh my god.”  Every second of this hike was beautiful. Every millisecond. If you can treat yourself to a heli-hike, if you can splurge, I promise you it is worth every single penny.

Ranch Tracker Game
Red Deer

Without a doubt, the adventure I get asked about most about is the Ranch Tracker experience at Heritage Ranch in Red Deer.  If you’ve seen the show Mantracker, Ranch Tracker is a lot like that, but without the TV cameras. When I did it, I brought along my GOPro and I can tell you that it’s as intense as the video leads you to believe.  I, along with two friends, were fairly confident we could outsmart the ranch tracker, but boy were we in for a surprise.  Check out the video to see the full experience.  It’s the most thrilling you can do in Alberta. I would do it again in a heart beat!

Via Ferrata


If you’ve wanted to experience what expert rock climbers see, but don’t have the experience, that’s where Via Ferrata comes in.  Located on Mount Norquay, which you might know for fantastic skiing in the winter, the Via Ferrata offers three different trails, but they are not label beginner to expert.  No, that’s because if you can walk and if you’re feeling a little brave, you can do all three courses of the Via Ferrata.  I’ve done the three-hour course two different times, and it’s such a blast.  Sure a few moments are a bit scary, but in an exciting way. If you want to go on a thrilling adventure in Banff, this is it!

Fossil Prospecting
Dinosaur Provincial Park

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 5.49.21 AM

If you’re from Alberta, I think you might take your dino history for granted. But since I’m not from here, I’ve been obsessed with the dinosaurs since the day I drove in to Calgary 11 years ago. Fossil prospecting in Dinosaur Provincial Park is one of the those once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you simply never forget.  The experience ranges from one hour to full day and, yes, sometimes it felt like work, but what a fascinating job to have, even if it was only for a few hours.  Let me tell you, the moment you pull out your first fossil, there’s nothing like it.  I remember every second. I remember seeing it, touching it and thinking about what it meant to be holding it.  The fact that you can do that just an hour or so from Calgary, is truly what makes this province amazing.

Segway Tours
Edmonton and Calgary

(photo via River Valley Adventure)

As you likely know, I love biking. But I’m also a big fan of segways. While often a punchline, I’ve gone on three segways tours and I’m now convinced that segways suffered from terrible PR, but in terms of fun on two wheels, segways really are a blast. First of all, anyone can do it.  Meaning you can go a great tour of Edmonton’s beautiful river valley with your grandmother. Not even a bike can guarantee that.  Another reason I love segways is because of the distance you’re able to cover while using it.  Faster than walking, but you’re able to easily stop and take pictures as you take in the sites.  It has the speed of a very slow car, but the vantage point it offers up, is quite remarkable.

Canoe Circuit-Lakeland Provincial Park.
Lac la Biche, AB


(Photo via Hike, Bike, Travel)

If you’re in the northern Alberta region and looking for a multi-day adventure, look no further than this canoe circuit. This is the only adventure on this blog post that I haven’t done, but it’s definitely on top of my list of things I’d love to do. My friend Leigh McAdam from Hike, Bike, Travel, wrote a blog post about her experience and it looks really fantastic.



PicMonkey Collage

If you do end up going on an epic adventure this summer, then there’s no better way to remember it than grabbing the perfect photo!  So I’m thrilled to be giving away  a TELUS contest prize pack that’s worth $200!  It comes with everything you  need to take the perfect selfie, and then share it with the world, including a selfie-stick, a FUJIFILM Instax Printer and film.
To be entered, leave a comment telling me about your most picture-worthy moment this summer.

Contest closes Labour Day, September 5.

Mike Morrison