Have you heard about the movie Catfish?

If not, you probably should.  I got the chance to watch it on Tuesday night and I’ve already decided that it will be one of those movies that I will be forcing my children to watch. Check out the brilliant trailer and make sure you watch the ENTIRE video.

Catfish is nearly an impossible movie to talk about because I don’t want to ruin a single aspect of the film. The trailer does a fantastic job of  jump-starting the story without giving you a single clue about what you are about to experience. Is it real?  Is it fake?  No one seems to know. Whether it is your kind of a movie or not, it is talk about such important subject, you have to promise me that you’ll make your children watch whenever they are old enough.  In this day in age, a movie like Catfish is crucially important to see and then most definitely talk about.

So what movies are you going to use to help parent your children?

Here’s a list of some of mine.

Requiem For Dream
On the very day that my kids first ask me about drugs, I will be popping in this DVD. It is a terrifying look at how drugs, no matter how innocent, can take you life down some very dark paths.

Mean Girls
Obviously this movie is totally fetch but it is also the one of the most accurate portrayals of high school that we’ve ever seen.  (Plus it will be cool to show your kids the late-Lindsay Lohan’s greatest movies.  Oh come on, like she’ll be alive by the time I have kids.)

(Obviously they didn’t make trailers in 1922, so I used what I could find.)
My disdain for all things Twilight is no secret.  My children must know that there was a world of vampires before the Cullens arrived and whined their way into our movie theatres.  The first time I saw Nosferatu was when I was twelve years old and ever since,  I’ve compared every vampire movie to this classic..  This is the first and this is the best.

Mike Morrison


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