For the past few days I’ve been in my hometown of Fredericton, enjoying some downtime with my family.  I’m also here to  celebrate my granny Sarah’s 85th birthday and my mother’s 29th.

To help her celebrate the big day I thought it would be fun for me and my other granny Jean to take her to my favourite city in New Brunswick, St. Andrews. It’s a beautiful little town on the edge of the Atlantic, and the streets are lined with wonderfully historic houses and big yellow and red trees.

It was to be a road trip to end all road trips.

Until we got pulled over for speeding, which in my defense was completely unfair because the sign wasn’t marked with a different speed, it was just a different colour.  But that’s not the point, what happened next was amazing.  With a combined effort both of my grannies teamed up and flirted their way out of the tickets and that ticket was so expensive.

Seeing your grandmothers get you out of a speeding ticket?  One of the best moments of my life!

Mike Morrison

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  1. Gotta Love those Grannies. I hope you had a wonderful day with them. So you Mom is 29..hmm she was 4 when she had you. Curious.
    I hope you enjoyed your surprise trip home.

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