>The nominations for this year’s CBC’s Galaxie Rising Star Award have been announced! The winner will receive a cash prize, and will be given the oppurtunity to perform at this years Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival Mojo Tent. The festival has quickly become one of the biggest and most respected festivals in Canada and it just happens to be in my hometown of Fredericton. To give you an idea, my mother takes the entire week off to “enjoy” the festivities. An entire week.

The nominees were just announced and they super exciting , the problem is I don’t know how to decide.

Here is the problem. I know and admire two of the nominees and yet somehow I have to decide to vote for only one. Phew.

Andy Brown (listen to him here)- I’ve talked about him before on this blog and his voice still gives me chills. Seriously, when I saw him play a couple of weeks ago here in Calgary, I became an instant fan. Plus not to mention that his brother and his girlfriend (the brother’s, not andy’s) are two of my great friends here in Calgary. His voice is chilling and this could really open a lot of doors for him!

Jens Jeppeson(listen to him here)-I actually haven’t talked to Jens in many a year but we funnily did our University degrees together. I should also mention that we both have Spanish degrees, randomly from New Brunswick. Anyway, after he graduated Jens took off for asia and really established himself has a talented and unique artist. I feel a sort of loyalty towards Jens because there were only like 6 students in the entire Spanish program and you get to know people pretty well. Basically what I am saying is that he probably has some shit on me that I’d prefer didn’t come out.

So how is someone to decide? Luckily the website has posted videos of both of my friends and you can decide for yourself. You don’t have to an NB’er to vote so have a listen and let me know what you think. I wish they could somehow both win. I guess they’re kinda like last year’s Jordin vs. Blake American Idol finale. I’m sure it’s just like that…..

Mike Morrison