By now you’ve heard that police on both sides of the border are looking for Ryan Jenkins. He is the Calgarian that is a contestant on the reality dating show, Megan Wants A Millionaire. He is also supposed be on the upcoming reality game show, I Love Money 3.

The police are looking for him because his wife was recently found murdered and they haven’t been able to talk to him about it. Which, if watching 20 years of Law and Order has taught me anything, isn’t probably a good thing. They suspect he might be headed towards Calgary, because this is where his family lives.
Since the cops seem to be having a hard time finding him, I thought I would do my part to help the police track Ryan down.
Let’s look at the facts.:
  • Judging from his picture, I’m guessing he is a pretty big douchebag. Most guys with goatees are. Have they looked at Melrose Cafe or Cowboys yet? He is probably doing hooters shooters with Paul Vickers or hitting on 17-year old hostesses as we speak.
  • He also owns a motorbike. What’s the chances he is sitting in front of a gas station on 17th Ave waiting for girls to walk by? Shell’s Angels anyone?
  • Judging from his reality show past, he seems pretty sleezing. Someone should check to see if he has put in his name for Calgary’s upcoming municipal elections. He is a prime candidate to be an Alderman.
Those are just some tips from your friendly neighborhood. The reward can be sent to me directly.

Mike Morrison