I’ve been thinking about Calgary musicians a lot lately.   I mean, I write about them quite a bit on the blog and I know that you’re biased towards people who live in your city, (insert joke about Maple Leaf fans here), but I’ve been noticing that people aren’t as excited as they should be about the crazy international-caliber music that is happening right here in this city.

The other day I saw this tweet by Robson Fletcher, my colleague at Metro and so I immediately sent him a slew of songs that he should listen to.

So, since it’s Friday and it’s the best time to download new tunes to kick off the weekend, here (again, for some of you) are three Calgary musicians who are absolutely killing it right now.  (Feel free to link to some of your favourites in the comments!)

Jocelyn and Lisa

Gah! Oh how I love this due consisting of Jocelyn Alice and Lisa Jacobs.  Besides their love of all things first-names, this duo is blowing up fast and now they’re tunes can be heard in the super funky Target commercial.  I’d also recommend “Bound To You.”  Catchy and beautiful, what more could you ask for from a beautiful voice?

I write about Michael Bernard Fitzgerald so much, I’m pretty sure some of you think this is his blog, which would be totally fine. MBF’s tunes ooze a level of cool that would make Johnny Depp jealous. Fresh of the release of his awesome album YES, the rock-popper just complete a tour with Michael Franti and is about to head out on the road with Steve Winwood!

Fresh off winning ATB’s All-Albertan Song Contest (and dealing with lazy writing on Vice Canada), Calgary’s Transit is busy making waves for anything but the country music Calgary is typically known for.  Like a lot of us, the rapper loves Calgary and often references his city, province and country.  Now, I don’t know a lot about rap music, so beyond praising his ability to rap catchy lyrics that I can sometimes understand, I think there is a big audience just waiting to discover Transit…and I’m excited about it!  (Jump to 26:53 to hear his winning song.)

Mike Morrison


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