With the deadline for the Amazing Race Canada audition videos quickly approaching, I thought I’d scan YouTube to see what people are up to in an effort to get ready for season two.  The practice of posting the audition videos on YouTube, even though you don’t have to, means to me that they are open for discussion. So let’s discuss do’s and don’ts of making a great audition tape for The Amazing Race Canada, shall we?

Be genuine:

Producers don’t need a highly produced video, but they do need to see what you’d really be like in front of a camera, which is why I love Brian and Terri’s audition tape.  Will they win?  Probably not. Will everyone be cheering for them?  Most definitely.

Don’t go over the time limit:

Besides highlighting that you were on ET Canada, which isn’t on CTV, the rules are pretty strict about the 3:00 minute time limit. I’m fairly certain there was enough to cut in this video. Same goes for Tricia and Leesa Staats, who went over the limit by almost a minute. Paul and Bron did the same thing too!

Don’t give too much information (read: Don’t talk too much!):

I love this video, but there’s way too much happening. Decide the important things that you want to highlight and go with that. After all, if you make it to the race, there will be plenty of time to talk before the finish line.

Be arrogant!

It’s tough to talk about yourself in Canada, mostly cause we’re trained not to. But this is the Amazing Race Canada and more importantly, it’s a reality TV show.  Producers need to see that you have lots of energy, that you’re confident and that you really do believe you can win. Because of their video I definitely think we’ll see Sarah and Ryan on the show, although I’m not too sure they know they’ll likely be the villains. Hey, good TV is good TV.

Tell a story:

It helps when producers know what’s at stake. To me, the Amazing Race has always been about regular people running a race, not necessarily the fittest or smartest. I think this video perfectly tells the story of brothers Kellan and Ryan, who are going to give it their all for their parents. Plus the bears? The beards and music from Friday Night Lights?! Just give them the money already.

Mike Morrison


  1. I’m not sure exactly why but this site is loading incredibly slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a issue on my end? I’ll check back later on and see if the problem still exists.

  2. Looking at auditions. Some really great ones with lots to offer. Not recommending Gery and Vanessa Vargas – not Amazing Race Canada material. Just another brother/sister combo. Native grannies are for sure a hit!

  3. Ha, shows what you know, sisters Tricia and Leesa Staats aka Team Native Grannies are COMFIRMED IN!! Cant wait to see them at them representin’ the rez! So turns out the time limit was just a suggestion and not really a rule! They are wicked stoked right now, they told everyone at bingo last week about making it and were hoping they bring home the money! And it sounds like they are going WORLDWIDE this time! W00T!

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