>”How old do you think I look?”

Isn’t that the worst question? It ranks up there with “Does this make me look fat?”, “When are you getting married?” and “Michael, how much TV do you actually watch?”

All of these questions, especially the last one, are no ones business. But at least for the age one you can now send them to this awesome website I just found. It’s called the Age Project and it works just like Hot or Not where people can essentially rate your picture. But instead of your looks, they rate how old you look in your picture. It can be pretty uplifting or soul crushing.

Sorta like high school.

Right now I’m averaging 28 years old, which is only two years older than my actual age. It’s funny though because if I post a picture of me wearing a hat, I guarentee my average would drop to a solid 15.

So how old do you look?

Mike Morrison