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We all have it.  

Those jobs around the house that we know we’ll never get to. Maybe it’s because we are scared we are going to screw it up, or frankly, we just don’t know how to do it.  And while it might not be super annoying to have those pictures sitting on the floor, or that dripping tap, it’s always in the back of your mind as something that you’ll have to take care of…someday.

Well, that’s where JobJar comes in. JobJar is a Calgary-based company that aims to help you take care of those small tasks with the help of professionals. Forced to describe it, I guess it’s sorta a mix of Kijiji, Tinder and Uber.   

It’s like Kijiji because you post what you’re looking to get done. And there’s pretty much nothing you can’t get done: Construction projects, snow-clearing, installing Christmas lights, really anything.

It’s like Tinder, because the skilled-doers pitch themselves, and you can decide if you want to match with them or not.

And it’s like Uber, because you an read their reviews. And there’s no money exchanged, so you can skip all the awkward negotiations and there are no price surprises.

So with that in mind, I put up a job on the site that I had been thinking about for a long time.  I love my cat Mindy, but I feel bad that she has to sit and stare at me working so much, when I work from home. So what if I made my home-office a bit more cat friendly, and a whole lot more creative?  

That’s how I came up with the idea of turning my home-office into a cat-cafe.   Yeah, you read that right.

The were quite a few offers from the skilled-doers to work on the office, but I landed on Ken.
And after a few messages back and forth, we landed on a date and he came over to start work. The whole project took about three and a half hours (I had pre-assembled the IKEA Eket boxes) and it was really fun to design something with Ken. It cost about $200 for the labour.  There’s people who are super handy and skilled and then there’s me. I’m not down playing my skills, because I have none. But Ken was super nice and it was so cool to be able to talk about my explain, explain my vision and have him expertly execute it.   

As Ken was building the cat cafe, I was already thinking of all the other things I need to use JobJar for. Because honestly, as the office was near completion, I could feel this weight lifted off my shoulders.  Sure, the cat cafe is silly and meant to be fun, but it was annoying to walk by this small room in my house that was always messy and unorganized. Especially since that room was my office, a place where I’m supposed to feel good energy and get work done. And the space definitely wasn’t inspiring my work-ethic.   

But now, I have this beautiful space!  And better yet, it’s done perfectly. Everything is straight, solid and built to last.  None of those are things that I would ever be able to do.

As we get closer to the holidays, you no doubt have those small projects that you’d love to get done before your family comes. And I really recommend JobJar.  It’s Mindy-approved.



Two weeks later, Mindy is completely in love with her new “cat cafe” and so am I! 

Mike Morrison