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It’s the time of year where you wake up with one goal in mind:  Please don’t get sick.   

During the winter, it almost feels like you’re walking on broken glass, because you’re just worried that anyone you see or anything you touch will result in you getting sick. And between work, winter vacations and just it generally being a busy time of year, it feels like I want to rent out one of those Escape Room things, but don’t try and escape and instead stay in there until it’s summer again.   

But sadly, that’s not possible and every day, (at least once) you have to venture outside into the cold and germ-infested world to go about your life.  But if you’re really lucky, it’s to go traveling. Maybe it’s for work, visit family or a vacation (because those are definitely not all the same things).  These trips are a great way of breaking up the long winter months…as long as you don’t get sick.   

So this week, I’m actually in Winnipeg hanging out with my 96-year-old grandmother. We’ll be spending the week sipping wine, gossiping about Corrie and exploring the city, although with temperatures at -30, it’s likely there will be more wine and gossiping than there will be exploring. But for the trip to be a success, I had to do everything I could to make sure I fought off the winter colds that are hiding on every surface and handshake. Especially since I’d be visiting and meeting with so many seniors.   

And like I do every trip, I do everything I can in the days leading up to it to make sure that I’m as healthy as possible. Because nothing is worse than being sick when you’re away from home.   

One of the first things I do is to make sure I get plenty of quality rest before my trip.  Of course, who wouldn’t do that anytime if they could. But what I mean is I try to make sure that I’m relaxed in the days leading up to flying. But also adjusting my sleep to get on the time zone of wherever I’m going to.  That way when you arrive, you feel a bit more rested and one of the best ways to stay healthy is to get quality sleep.

I also try to stay really hydrated.  I know you hear this all the time about how much water you should be drinking, and I was definitely not one of those people. But about six months ago, I decided to drink more water. I don’t carry around a fancy water bottle or anything, but instead I drink water when it’s available to me. So, if a restaurant pours a glass of water for me, I’ll drink it. Or if I’m in a meeting and there’s water, I’ll be sure to drink at least one glass.  And honestly, it’s incredible the difference it’s made.  I do actually feel less tired, my skin is healthier and so far I’ve been able to scare away any colds.

If you travel a lot, one of the best ways is to take COLD-FX proactively not just when you begin to feel a cold coming on.  You can read about how COLD-FX works here, but for me it’s just that extra reassurance that I’m doing everything I can to make sure that I’m spending as much quality time with my granny on our trip as possible, and not worrying about getting sick, or worse, getting her sick. The best part, is that it also comes in a convenient travel pack for my life on-the-go!  It feels like it’s a security guard watching over me. So while I do my best to wash my hands, get exercise and good, quality sleep, I love knowing that COLD-FX is working in the background.
For more expert tips about keeping your immune heath in tip top shape while you’re traveling, check out: Expert Opinion: Travel strong with immune health tips from Natural Health Expert, Bryce Wylde. But I’d love to hear from you too.  Where do you take your COLD-FX? Join the COLD-FX® Defence Zone:

Mike Morrison