>Last year Britney Spears made two separate appearances on one of my favorite shows How I Met Your Mother. A lot of Britney fans and even the critics saw this as the first step in Britney’s recovery and eventual comeback.

Now HIMYM is offering this opportunity to other two semi-celebs who I don’t think deserve the opportunity to be on one of TV’s funniest shows. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, who are Lauren Conrad’s sworn enemies on The Hills, will be making a quick appearance in an upcoming episode and I couldn’t be more confused about it.

Why is this awesome show wasting even a second on these talentless hacks, when so many other people could use the opportunity to better there once shining careers? So who should they have cast instead? Well I’m glad you asked.
Peter Ostrum (Charlie in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)
How can someone that pretty much inspired me to at least try to be an actor as a kid only have one great movie role? This just doesn’t seem fair does it? I say cast him as Robin’s new boss. You know, whenever she gets a job!
Christine McGlade (You Can’t do That on Television) Okay, this one is just selfish. But lately i’ve been missing You Can’t Do That on Television more than ever and I would give my remaining hairs to see Christine back on the small screen. Perhaps she could date Ted for a couple of episodes or be a rival teacher for Lilly. Christine was the glue that held You Can’t do that on Television together (sorry Alanis) and tv would be made better by her return!

Mike Morrison