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Lorelai Gilmore said it best: “I smell snow.”

And here in Alberta, you can smell snow any time starting in August until May. And the rest of Canada is really no different. From almost every corner of this country (except Victoria), being ready to drive in the winter is a necessity if you hope to take advantage of all the great winter activities Canada has to offer like skiing, sledding or taking off on a snow-inspired road trip!

Simply put, there’s no better way to stay safe this winter than making sure your car is equipped with winter tires. But even though we know this, it seems that there’s always people who are too afraid to commit to buying winter tires. I know for me, before I bought my first set of winter tires last year, it was a mix of having no idea what I was looking for, the cost and time. It never seemed like it was the right time…until it was too late.

Enter our friends at Fountain Tire. This year, they want to make sure that Canadians know that when it comes to safety, winter tires should be a priority. Their focus is making sure that they help you choose the right winter tire for your car and budget. After all, when it comes to tire safety, why not go right to the experts.

Fountain Tire recently gave consumers the chance to try the three different tire types and
created a video of the experience to help educate Canadians.

Winter Tires Outperform Any Other Tire On Snow from FTPO on Vimeo.

And the timing to finally replace your all season tires with winter tires could not be more perfect! In an effort to encourage Canadians to learn about the benefits of winter tires and choose the safest option available, Fountain Tire is offering discounts on sets of four winter tires, through until December 17th. I think it’s pretty neat that they are offering sale prices during what is likely their busiest time for winter tire sales. If you want to check out the deals like saving up to $180 on a set, you can see them here.



And as an added bonus, Fountain Tire has given me a set of winter tires to give away to one lucky reader! Yes, you read that right. Someone is going to get a free set of winter tires from Fountain Tire. I’m going to write that out one more time: Free set of Winter Tires from Fountain Tire.

To be entered, please be sure you have access to one of Fountain Tire’s 161 locations in Central and Western Canada. Then, in the comments section below, tell me about a winter adventure you’d go on if you had the safety of winter tires.

Contest closes December 11th.

Mike Morrison


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