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On June 5th, festival season kicks off in Calgary with the biggest one of the year!

That’s right, it’s almost time for the annual Lilac Festival, which typically sees more than 100,000 people wander down 4th St. SW checking out the over 500 vendors, six stages with over 30 performances and of course, the patios.

For a newbie, Lilac Festival can be a bit overwhelming, but in a good way. There’s so much happening and so much to see and do, you don’t really know where to start. So here’s a tip, don’t drive. Well, at least not your car.

One of the best things about car2go is that you can park it pretty much anywhere, and once you do, you can just walk away. You don’t need to worry about parking.

But for Lilac Festival, car2go members will be treated like the VIPs we are.

Instead of circling for hours trying to find parking, members can simply drive up to the Drop Zone – free VIP parking for those driving a car2go to/from the event– – conveniently located on the East side of 4th St SW and 23 Ave SW (enter via 2nd St SW) and drop your car2go off and start enjoying Lilac Festival!

Seriously, if you’re not a member already, being able to easily drive to Lilac Festival is reason enough. But if you need more, right now memberships are free (usually $35) and you get 15 minutes of free driving time. Register here using promo code C2G15 by June 19th to take advantage of this deal.




Need some more Lilac Festival tips? I used to live a block away from it, so here’s some from a seasoned pro!

  1. Leave your dog at home.
    Lilac Festival is busy. And while they set up water bowls and cooling stations for your little pooch, there’s no really need for them to be there. Take ‘em for a big walk in the morning and then go have yourself a good time, while your dog is resting peacefully at home.
  1. Go early! Do this for lots of reasons. With over 500 vendors, there’s lots to see and do, so you’ll need the time to cover as much ground as possible. But also, patio seating is at a premium. So go early, get your shopping and browsing done, and then grab a seat on one of the many patios and enjoy the best people watching of the year!
  1. Eat wisely. There is a lot of food at Lilac Festival and you’ll want to try and enjoy every morsel. If you like you’re food to be free (and who doesn’t?), join the car2go crew between 10am-6pm in the car2go chill zone (4th St SW 15th Ave SW ) for some tunes and free grub from YYC FoodTrucks (FREE lunch for the first 1,000 members). If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can tackle their new climbing wall exhibit and score yourself some free car2go drive time.

Mike Morrison