Disclosure:  We were provided with the bed frame in exchange for a blog post about our renovation featuring Article. We paid for all other Article furniture in our house.

For the past two years, my boyfriend Richard and I have been renovating our house. Well, we’ve been hiring people to renovate our house.

What we’ve been doing (slowly) is decorating our 105-year-old house with new pieces that we know we will truly love. That means making purposeful decisions to choose furniture that we think will fit with us and our family for a long time.

It just so happens to be mostly Article furniture.

We discovered Article a few years ago. They’re an online furniture store based in Vancouver that sells mid-century modern furniture. What drew us to them originally was the fact that they were a Canadian company, but also their delivery rates. The concept of shopping online for furniture seems nice because you don’t have to drive around and you don’t have to worry about pushy salespeople, but how do you know if the furniture is comfortable? Or sturdy? Or fits properly? Article’s delivery is pretty fantastic because it’s only $49 to deliver it to your door, another $50 to put it in the preferred room, and another $70 to set it up. And if you don’t like it, you pay the same for them to take it back. So basically, depending on what you bought, you could get it delivered and return it for $198. That’s way less that normal re-stocking fees you might find a furniture store.

So we started with an Article couch. And loved it. And more importantly, people who came over loved it. And honestly, that’s what really matters. Than we added some Article chairs. Then a TV-stand, a bookshelf, a sideboard and finally dining room chairs.  And soon our whole house was almost all pieces from Article, and we loved it. All the pieces worked together, they were solid, easy to clean and because most of them come pretty much assembled, we don’t have traumatic memories of trying to set them up, so we can enjoy them in peace.

But there was one room that was bugging us:  Our bedroom.  Near the end renovation, we were tired of choosing things. We needed a bedroom, but we we’re wiped both mentally and financially. So we put together the cheapest and quickest bedroom we could.

And I hated it from day one. I called it the “Granny Bedroom.”And let’s be clear, it’s never good to call your own room the granny bedroom, unless you’re a granny. But certainly not a couple in their 30s and 40s.  We were so proud of our house, but the bedroom was sometimes too painful and embarrassing to show. It was pretty much our only renovation regret.

Now don’t get me wrong, the bedroom was a vast improvement from when we moved in. Below is what the bedroom looked like when it was being lived in by different people before us.  And let’s be clear, I don’t judge it for being a bit messy. When I was a renter, we lived in a house that the owner had foreclosed and we had people coming in all the time to look at it. I never cleaned up. Why would I? It wasn’t my house and I didn’t want to move.

Anyway, this was the first day we toured the house:

Can you believe this house was over 100 years old?  It had been renovated so many times, it looked like a house from the 80s, not a house made by people born in the 1880s.

But, let’s be frank: While we cleaned it up, painted it, installed new floors, I’m not sure our room was any more inviting than when we first saw it:

See what I mean? Granny bedroom.

So we opened up the Article website one more time looking for help. We love our main floor furniture so much, that we pretty much just knew we’d want to continue the trend and start using Article furniture upstairs too. What I love about the online experience with Article is that you aren’t forced to choose from thousands of pieces of furniture. There only a three different bed-frames, and they only come in a few different colours, they are all beautiful, so you can’t go wrong. It takes away the stress of having to choose and then being worried that you’ll make a big mistake.  We debated which frame we wanted, but we knew we’d be happy with all three.

So we went with the Culla Walnut and matching nightstands and I can hardly believe the difference. I don’t know if I’d say I have a sexy bedroom (because my mom read the blog), but I definitely feel proud of it now. No longer is it the black sheep of our renovation. Instead, I’m so excited to show it off.   And yeah, I think Mindy loves it too.  There’s a few accessories like the mirror  and the bench that we hope to add to it soon too.   But that’s another reason why I love Article, is that many of the pieces fit together so perfectly seamlessly, it’s easy to keep adding to your room, without it feeling overwhelming and tacky.

We still have a room to go in our house, so I’ll be keeping my eyes on Article’s website. After all, why mess with a good thing.

Mike Morrison