>It’s 9:01 do you know where your Ryan Seacrest is?

I do I do. He’s in Atlanta. Which is why I am officially starting the “Hotlanta Counter”!

9:02 Wait is it Elanta? No, it’s Atlanta. Stupid 2 year old.

9:03 “Walking on Broken Glass!” Is it to early to declare this the best episode ever? No, no I don’t think it is.

9:04 OK, getting Josh to turn around and sing? Rude? maybe. Funny and Awkward? YES!

9:09 HOTLANTA: 1

9:14 A musical montage dedicated to Paula’s sketchiness!! Is it my birthday?

9:16 Asia’h Epperson is pulling on my heart strings (yes I do have them), I honestly can’t imagine how she auditioned two days after her dad died. That is crazy. And she cried less than the people who have no reason to cry when their shitty auditions go bad. GOLDEN TICKET that girl!

9:17 Wouldn’t it be could if Willy Wonka could give out the Golden Tickets?

9:18 Paula’s crying. Someone call Dr. 90210

9:25 Ms. Southern Florida Fair? Can I make up an award as well? Um….I’m Mr. Bald Southern Alberta. Now, where is my sash?

9:29Like all those people would really sing Fergie’s Glamorous!?! Producers should at least try to make these auditions seem real.

9:34 I also will never get why they still show fake people like Eva. Why reward them with screen time?

9:38 Alexandrea Lushinton was amazingly sultry for only 16 years old. I also kinda fell in love with her Grandma. Maybe FOX will bring her back to do some reporting on the red carpet!

9:42 I’m starting a Jared “only sing in Falcetto” Wiley Fanclub. Nominations are now open for vice-president

9:44 Nathan Hite is exactly the reason I never taught after getting my education degree.

9:49 Amanda Overmyer (the rocker nurse) has Top 32 written all over your motorcycling self. She’s original, got a great personality and a true rocker chick! Fingers crossed. Except why didn’t she seem too excited about the golden ticket? Maybe it’s cause she was hoping for Willy Wonka too!

9:58 I honestly couldn’t tell if I like homeless Josiah Leming’s voice or not. But I’m not a judge, so my opinion doesn’t matter. Let’s just hope this doesn’t encourage children all over the world to move into their cars in hopes of being famous. On the other hand, rent is very expensive.

And the night is over. And with the the “Hotlanta” meter is closed with a disappointing 1.

Did you notice they didn’t really say where the auditions were tomorrow night? Hmm…I’m concerned.

Mike Morrison