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Look, you don’t need me to tell you the holidays are quickly coming up. You’re probably already panicking about what to get your friends, cause you know you’re going to wait to the last minute! But fret not, I can help make it easy for you.

When it comes to home entertainment and gift giving, it doesn’t really get better than HBO. Since its inception, the network has been producing content worthy of its copious awards and rabid cult-like following.

And while it can seem overwhelming to find your friends gifts, I bet I can pick a gift for each of them!

The Pop Culture buff:

Game Of Thrones: The Complete Seasons 1-6


We all have one. In my circle, that’s definitely me. And when it comes to pop culture, it doesn’t come bigger than Game of Thrones. The show is a monster hit and its fans have no problem re-watching the series over and over again dissecting every scene. And with news that the seventh season is a ways away, they’ll need something to do tide them over. The complete (so far) series set includes all sixty episodes and behind the scene features you won’t see anywhere else.

The Crime Buff:

The Jinx


Every group has the friend who loves crime series. They’ve seen every CSI, Law and Order, NCIS and Criminal Minds. Well, if you want to introduce them to one of the most shocking crime stories of all time, it doesn’t get better than The Jinx. I saw the show a few years ago and I’ve never forgotten it. The true story documentary has so many twists and turns, you’d think it was written. And if you think Gilmore Girls had a shocking final phrase, you have no idea. The final minute of this show has been called one of the most shocking moments ever caught on video. It’s that good.

The Hipster:



Girls is the show that people love or love to hate. Perfect fodder for the hipster friend in your life. I feel like Girls is the type of show that years from now we’ll realize just how good it is. It’s fifth season is nearly 5-star perfection, but since it doesn’t come out on DVD until January, pick up the show’s earlier seasons for your friend. The show is beautiful, dark, polarizing and thought-provoking, just like any good show should be.

The Gossip:

Sex and the City: The Complete Series


We all have that friend that we either never tell anything to, or we tell them the secret we want people to find out. They’re the gossip, and guy or girl, Sex and the City is the show for them. It’s actually incredible how well this show holds up. Although I would be curious to how Carrie would hold up in a Twitter-world, the stories of love and loss are as enjoyable as they always were. Be warned though, when you realize that you’re now actually older than the characters, you’ll be reaching for some extra eggnog.

The Tough One:

Six Feet Under


Tough on the outside, soft on the inside. They’ll be the first to puff their feathers, but also the first one to make sure you’re okay. They’re emotions are complicated, much like Six Feet Under. Looking back on this show, it’s incredible to see just how accomplished the entire cast as become. The layers of this show are dark and yet heart-filled. Your friend will love it, even if they want to watch it alone.



HBO and I want to make your holiday shopping a little easier, so one lucky reader is going to win the Game Of Thrones: The Complete Seasons 1-6 on Bluray and Digital. It’s definitely one of the hottest gifts around this summer. And you know what, I won’t even tell if you decide to keep it for yourself. I would! To be entered, tell me in the comments section which of the above picks matches your friend perfectly-and why!

Contest closes December 15th.

Mike Morrison


  1. The Jinx would be perfect for my friend who likes to watch complicated crime thriller’s on a cold winter night

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