>Have you read the reviews for the new Hellboy movie!?! They are good. Like really really good. And because I’ve never made any secret that I am a follower and just want to do what everyone else is going to do, I now HAVE to see this movie.

There is only one problem: I’ve never seen the first one. Well technically, I saw the first 20 minutes when it first came out a couple of years ago, but due to a random series of events, I never finished it.

So last week I set out on, what I assumed, would be an easy adventure. Rent/Buy the first Hellboy and catch up before I go see the sequel. Of course once I saw the sequel everyone would want to be my friend, thus alleviating me of other issues in my life.

Well it turns out finding Hellboy was not as easy as I had assumed. In the past seven days I have gone to:
-4 Blockbusters
-3 HMVs
-3 Walmarts
-3 Used bookstores
-2 Casablanca Videos

And left each and everyone one of them empty handed. Why was it so hard to find this movie. I was so confused to why most Blockbusters and Casablancas didn’t even have it to rent. There were a couple of close calls: lots of animated Hellboys and one video store had the movie in stock but then couldn’t find it. And why wasn’t there some crazy over priced special edition version out to coincide with the sequel’s release?

Then yesterday, after dropping my friend off at the airport, I decided my mission to find Hellboy needed to be taken to the next level. So I ventured into Calgary’s North East Quadrant (similar areas include: Compton, Bronx or Devon). And what do you know, not only was it the nicest Wal-Mart I had ever seen but it also had dozens of copies of Hellboy all for only $9.88!!

So now after a lot of driving around and a few tears, I finally have my copy of Hellboy. Now if I could just find the time to watch it.

Oh and if someone could find me a copy of Bring It On, that would be great!

Mike Morrison