Hollywood is a disgusting and vile place. It turns nice people into money grubbing, self centered and crazy shadows of their former selfs. And that is just Paula Abdul.

To me the only place more disturbing than Hollywood is bathrooms. I hate them. Always have always will. I have already come to terms with the fact that I will eventually die of a bladder infection due to the fact that I will hold my #1 for as long as humanly possible. I think the record is like 5 hours when I was on a film set and there were only those portable toilets. Or, as I like to call them, my kryptonite.

So while I was watching my weekly review of new movie trailers on Youtube I noticed a very disturbing trend that has the potential to turn me off of Hollywood forever.

The movies in question are Tina Fey’s first movie since Mean Girls called Baby Mama. It looks like a typical Fey project, smart, funny and satirical. The second movie is the Cameron Diaz/Ashton Kutcher project called What happens in Vegas. It looks like typical fare for these “past their prime” actors: stupid, predictable and unoriginal.

But both these movies share some thing in common. Something that I pray will not become Hollywood’s newest trend.

Check out these preview below and see if you can tell what I am talking about.

It happens on the Baby Mama preview around 1:57 and in the Vegas preview around 1:27

And in case you think that Vegas actually might be good. Check out one of the most obvious film consistency mistakes in the history of movie previews starting at 2:29. (Which eye did he get punched in anyway?)

Mike Morrison