Today is new music Tuesday, which means your probably going to go to ITUNES and download a bunch of new songs.
But what if you didn’t go to Itunes….
Last week, HMV Canada launched a new website where Canadians can download millions of songs in MP3 format. Their digital store can be found at hmvdigital.ca and from what I’ve seen, it’s actually not that bad.
Like Itunes, the system is relatively easy to use. But it’s still in BETA testing, which means things might move around before it finally gets a chance to settle in.
But does it compete with the mega-giant that is Itunes?
The biggest difference between the two is the price. Most of the songs on HMV’s new site go for 99 cents, where Itunes still proudly sells their most popular singles for $1.29.
HMV will probably raise their prices, once they get some customer loyalty, just like ITUNES did.
Another main contrast between the two sites is difference of songs on their respective charts. A main example can be found with Jacksoul‘s newest single, Lonesome Highway. On HMV Digital, it’s the #2 most popular and downloaded song. On Itunes Canada, that same song, is all the way down at #160! That’s quite a discrepancy!
Even more random, is that on HMV’s chart, Avril Lavigne‘s Complicated and Sk8ter Boi are sitting at #10 and #11. Um…aren’t those songs almost ten years old? I guess we know now which digital store Avril shops at.
I haven’t bought anything at HMV Canada yet, but I’m definitely tempted to. It seems like they have obviously put some thought into their new digital store, and even though I’m usually loyal to Itunes, if it all comes down to price, HMV Digital wins.

Mike Morrison

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