Above you will fine the classic Heritage Moment about Sir Sanford Flemming and the invention of Standard Time. I know we all remember watching it when we were younger, but I thought that maybe people might need a reminder about what standard time is exactly.

Of course by people I mean anyone on the East Coast of Canada that updates their Facebook/Twitter Status’ in reaction to something they just have seen on TV. Maybe it was who bit the dust on Grey’s Anatomy or who finally got voted out of Survivor. May they are happy about who the final two on American Idol or how Da Kink In My Hair ended what is probably it’s last season.  Okay, maybe no one cares about the last one.  But for BLOGS SAKE, stop updating your status’ east coasters.  There are 6 provinces of people who haven’t even started the shows you just finished watching.  And just because we always win the 6/49 and Super 7 doesn’t mean you get to take it out on us.  
So please. Watch the above video and remember that many of us in Canada live in different time zones, yet pay the same amount for cable as the rest of you.  So chill it with the updates already.  

Mike Morrison