Well, it finally happened.

After renovating every house in the GTA, some of HGTV Canada’s biggest shows are heading west, Calgary specificially!

I just got word that both HGTV’s Property Brothers and Property Brothers: Buying + Selling are shooting in Calgary for the very first time this fall…and they are casting local home-owners for both of their shows!

Honestly, I’m kinda shocked. When I got the email, I wrote back saying, sounds cool, but this is a spin-off right?

Nope. This is the real deal. Drew and Jonathan Scott are coming to Calgary to shoot their shows!  I’m actually pretty interested in why they chose Calgary.  I’ll see what I can find out.

So do you and your family want their help, I mean who wouldn’t? Here are the casting details:

Property Brothers

Fun, interesting and opinionated people who want to renovate a fixer-upper.
Interested candidates must live in, or be moving to Calgary.
Must have a minimum renovation budget of $100,000, ready to spend.
Flexible and available for up to 10 days of filming, staggered over 7 weeks.
*Unfortunately, due to tight timelines we cannot accommodate the construction of additions

To apply, go to: https://propertybrotherscalgary.castingcrane.com

Buying and Selling


Outgoing families who want to sell their current home because it doesn’t work for them – but would like to renovate it first, so that they can sell it for top dollar.
Interested candidates must currently own a home in Calgary.
Must have a minimum budget of $25,000, ready to spend.
Flexible and available for up to 10 days of filming, staggered over 5 weeks.
To apply, go to: https://buyingandselling.castingcrane.com


There of course lots of benefits of being on either of the shows, including a quick renovation timeline (7 weeks for Property Brothers and 5 weeks for Buying & Selling), an expert construction and design team at your disposal, as well as a bunch of free and discounted products – with a minimum value of $20,000. Plus, I get to sit at home in my sweatpants judging every decision you make!


Mike Morrison

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  1. The Brothers grew up in Calgary. They started their first real estate company in Calgary. They even worked for WestJet airlines as flight attendants I Calgary prior to going full time in to their real estate businesses. How do I know this…because I worked along side them at WestJet. They were and continue to be good people. So happy and proud of what they have accomplished and staying true to who they are. Here’s hoping that during their busy filming schedule, that some old friends are able to say hello.

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