You know how when you see a great moving you are inclined to immediately say that that movies was “the best movie ever!!!”. We immediately become biased because as humans are memories seem to betray us, allowing us to forget actually best movies ever “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” “Love Actually”, “Amelie” or “Gremlins,” (ok that is actually a guilty pleasure, but still!)

Well on Friday night my cousin and I made our way to Ryan Gosling’s new movie Lars and the Real Girl. In case you haven’t heard about this movie it’s a quirky movie about Lars who falls in love with a very unique girl, well I guess she isn’t really a girl but instead she is inflatable doll. But wait…give the movie a shot, while most directors and actors would have made this movie a low brow classless flick, but Lars and his real girl are different.

I can say without a doubt that Lars and the Real Girl is nearly flawless. Ever move that this movie is perfect and Ryan Gosling and his cast mates work together to actually make one of my “favorite movies ever!”.

While I was watching it I kept thinking of all the people who love this movie. My mom, Janice, Rebecca, Vanessa, Nick, Erin. Honestly this movie is for everyone.

While the movie isn’t playing in a lot of theatres right now, keep your eyes open over the holiday season for this perfect treasure. I’m still trying to figure out my favorite seen!

Check out the preview here

Mike Morrison