So early last week some amazing news was announced but I think I was too tired to process it….until tonight.

A while back it was mentioned that the star of Veronica Mars, Kristen Bell might be joining the amazing Lost. But things fell through and I cried for several days. But soon my tears dried up only long enough for them to turn to tears of joy because it was announced that Kristen Bell would be joining the cast of Heroes for at least 13 episodes!!!! Can you believe it?!!? How perfect is that!?! I’ve also read that she might be playing the villain! Which is great because if you’ve ever seen Veronica Mars you know she is some bad ass mofo when she wants to be. I love genius casting.

Until the new season starts on September 24th here is a great interview with Kristen talking about her new role on Heroes.

Oh and here is my favorite new promo for the 2nd season. (facebookers see the preview here)

Mike Morrison