Have you heard about Canadian Tire’s contest to win VIP passes to the Heritage Classic in Calgary this February. For some, even cooler than the passes, is the chance to be a part of the build crew that will actually put together the rink at McMahon Stadium.

This seems hilarious to me because this is one prize that I wouldn’t mind winning but the build crew would be pissed if I was chosen as the winner!  Could you imagine, “Hey Bloggity, pass me that tool over here.”  I would probably start crying from trying to figure out what the hell a plier is and how it is different then the ballet dance move.   You never think of that, eh?  For all these experience contests, what if the person that wins is actually incapable of doing what they just won.  I mean, sure they could probably send me off to Tim Hortons and pick up coffees for the crew but to actually build something?  Yeah, I’d be the winner but I would definitely be the loser. These contests should really come with some sort of Wimp Clause.

In the same breath, you have to ask: Who would even want this prize?  Congrats you’ve won!  Now start working.  Ugh. No thank you.   Oh wait…I get tickets to the Heritage Classic….hmmm…yes, please!!!!

If you are handy with a hose and a tool belt, you should definitely enter. Head on over to the Canadian Tire Build Crew website to enter.   Remember, if you win, don’t ask me for help!

Mike Morrison