>In the next couple of weeks, some of the best and some of the worst reality shows will be returning to our TVs for another season of sweating, bleeding, vomiting and crying. And that’s just on America’s Next Top Model 12th cycle!

But look out Tyra, Jeff Probst’s Survivor and Phil Keoghan’s The Amazing Race are both returning for their 18th and 14th seasons respectively!!!

All three shows have released the casts for their shows, so you can start your office polls early.

Survivor (Global) (February 12th)
Meet the Cast!

The Amazing Race (CTV) (February 15th)
Meet the Cast!

America’s Next Top Model (CityTV) (February 25th)
Meet the Cast!

Not to be out done, CBC is also bringing back Canada’s Next Prime Minister when it returns March 18th with new host Alex Trebek!

And let’s not forget about Paulmance.

Mike Morrison