Canada Day is still a couple of months away, but now Canadians have a lot more to be proud of, specifically Double D more.

We can finally vote for Pamela Anderson!!!

I should explain.

Anderson is currently competing on this season of Dancing with the Stars.

While this show makes me want to pull out my remaining hairs, cook them in a pasta, leave it in the sun for a week and then eat it; I know a lot of people love the DWTS!

From what I hear, Pam has been dancing very well, but always ends up in the bottom two, narrowly escaping elimination every week. Now for the first time in recent memory, Canadians will actually be able to vote for their favourite dancers. Usually you’d normally be able to vote only online, but I think the fact that DWTS is regularly one of Canada’s top rated shows, the series’ producers decided to loosen the rules a little bit!

Hopefully, with her native country’s support, we can make sure Pam wins….what exactly is the prize again?

Dancing with the Stars airs tonight!

Mike Morrison