I don’t talk about it a lot, but I hate bathrooms. Detest them. I will go to obscene lengths to ensure that I have a pleasurable bathroom experience. For me, I sometimes daydream of getting a condition that requires me to get a colostomy bag. Then I can just go whenever I want. Let’s just say, I’ve never met a private bathroom, I didn’t like.

Well that is all about to change!
I just out found about a new contest called Canada’s Best Restroom!
Did you just shriek with excitement, a little bit too?!
The contest is looking for people to nominate their favorite bathrooms. “They should be immaculate, inviting and most of all, memorable.”
Some of my favorite bathrooms are in hotels. The ones in the lobby of the new Fairmont Pacific Rim are perfection. I’m a stall pee-er and this bathroom has individual stalls with floor to ceiling walls. They are ideal! Another good bathroom is women’s bathroom, just passed the Cascade room in Banff Springs. Yes, I said women’s bathroom. But it has a couch in it! How can you argue with that!
My least favorites in Calgary are the Ship and Anchor‘s, for making people pee in horse trofts. And the stalls in the Cineplex in Chinook Centre. The tiles are very shiny and allows people to see right into your stall. It is horrifying.
Do you have favorites? Nominate them now! (and then tell me when I can find)
As an aside- Guys, when you are in the washroom, you don’t have to make a noise out of every orifice you have. Just saying….

Mike Morrison