For a Canadian musician, it doesn’t get much worse than this.  This morning, Carmen Townsend discovered that her car had been broken into in Halifax and all of her gear was stolen, including four different guitars.

Townsend, who recently toured with Heart and won four awards at Nova Scotia Music Week (including Recording Artist of the Year), posted an notice on Kajiji looking for the gear, here is the ad:

“4 guitars were stolen out of my trunk on Willow Street in Halifax last night. My back window was smashed, my alarm did not work and they ( there had to be 2 people) The gear was all in the trunk. Someone had to have seen something.
-1965 Guild Starfire Cherry Red serial # 666 – This guitar has been in my possession since I was 19. It is my baby. I am crushed.
-Takamine Acoustic Brown cutaway- lots of cosmetic damages.
-Fender Strat brown Long and Mcquade Rental
-Fender Squire Thinline Telecaster light brown white pickguard chip in top corner
-Below are pictures of the Guild.
-please contact Carmen Townsend 902-240-3757.”

While there is no sign of the gear just yet, the word is definitely out there. By mid-day the story was trending on Twitter and the above poster has been shared more than 2,000 times. If thieves haven’t done so yet, they’ll likely realize soon that they aren’t going to get very far with that gear.

Good luck Carmen. On the plus side, I’ve never heard of you before and now I’m highly enjoying your music!!

Mike Morrison

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  1. Hi sweetheart, I’ve got StAnthony on the case. Hopefully, the thief will have a change of heart. Love and hugs, Aunt Janice

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