Tonight is a huge night for television. This past sunday we said goodbye to the WB and UPN networks. WB? UPN? you say. For Canadians with just regular cable alot of us have never been subjected to the extreme displeasure that came from these two teeny tiny networks. Instead canadian networks would pick what good shows they could find put them on their very own networks.

Well tonight a whole new era begins with the WB and UPN merging and it begins airing it’s first hours of original programming on the new CW network. (Crap (in) Waiting network? Crusty Writing network?) I’m not too sure what its stands for but I’m sure you could look it up on wikipedia.

With just a few hours before the premiere of America’s Next Top Model on the CW, I thought I would take the time to remember some of my favorite shows from the two deceased networks.

Oh and lets count them down, just to add a little excitement.

5. Dawson’s Creek (the WB) This show pretty much defined my high school years. Things to note: I speak three languages, and I had/have no IDEA what these kids were saying. Also, I loved that when I graduated university these “kids” we just turning “18”. General rule of thumb, if you’ve slept with every single one of your friends and a member of your school’s faculty before 18… You should get a test of some sort done. I don’t know what kind of test, but one that cleans your entire body inside and out!

4.Felicity (WB). This show was kinda lost on us Canadians, because after the first season CTV only played it in the summer time (ala Veronica Mars). Which was such a waste of this super interesting college drama, from the guy who created LOST and ALIAS (who knew?). Although I’ve never seen the entire series (damn you Ebayers) I look forward to catching up on saturday mornings on the W network.

3. Angel. (WB) This show for me only existed for two years. Seasons 4 and 5. The others I watched because it was a Buffy spinoff, but basically I ignore them like I ignore the Shampoo and Conditioner aisle in a grocery store. The final two seasons were essentially non-stop excitement, surprises and puppets. (Watch season 5, you’ll see!)

2.Veronica Mars.(UPN) This show drives me nuts. I think I should get paid from creator Rob Thomas for pretty much going as far as selling my body to get people to watch this show. Just the other day someone was talking to me about the elections and every question I answered with “Veronica Mars.” The person eventually just walked away. This is a smart and exciting show and I simply cannot wait until Oct. 3. If you haven’t watched this show, please realize that Kevin Smith, Stephen King and Joss Whedon all agree that it is the best show on TV. Who knew that besides the obvious, Kevin, Stephen, Joss and I all have something in common. ( I’ll leave that up to interpretation.)

1.Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (The WB/UPN) This is obvious. We are in love. Buffy and I met in ’97, on a rainy Saturday afternoon. And although we’ve kept our showmance on the D.L. I know its there. Buffy is one of the few shows that had such a profound effect on my life that it’s dialogue routinely became apart of my vocabulary. I used to ask for Monday nights off just so I would have the night off to prepare. ( I won’t lie, I did the same for this Thursday’s premiere of Grey’s Anatomy. Open for mockage later.) I made my new roomate watch the two hour premiere episode of buffy this weekend, and although it wasn’t instant love for them, there was definatly a little bit of a crush. Fav. episode: The Wish.

Reason’s why the WB and UPN should burn in hell: 7th Heaven, One Tree Hill, Clueless, South Beach, Charmed.

So as the CW prepares itself to take on the other big four networks (NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX) let’s all do our best to welcome the new network and make them feel right at home. That is as long as they promise to keep Loni Anderson unemployed.

***little known fact*** UPN passed on American Idol before Fox picked it up….awkward…

Mike Morrison

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