>I know I shouldn’t have watched the premiere of “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here”, but I was so tempted by the social debacle that is Speidi, I couldn’t resist.

And I also know that I should have enjoyed it, but I did.  But how could I not, check out some of my favorite Heidi quotes:

  • “My husband is a very new christian but he is working on his temper” 
  • “Everybody is being so mean. They completely took off all my labels from my shampoo”
  • “I feel like everything I have and love just got taken away from me, but not in a fun way”
  • “I feel like I could do this for so long if there were smores or a change of clothes. This is torture, I would do this to Al Qaeda.”
  • “I cannot not have sex with you for that long.”
  • “I’m in a prison for three weeks, it’s torture.”

Mike Morrison