>Today is great day. No not because Miley has the #1 CD in all the land, but because I am finally getting a chance to head home to New Brunswick for a whole week. I haven’t been in home the Summer time since 2006 so I am so so excited! It is going to be a crazy week full of friends, family, my doggy and most importantly McLobsters.

Honestly, I’m so excited for McLobsters. I’m also excited to take a break from Tivo. We spend a lot of time together and while we have had our good times, things have been different lately. Today Miguelito (my tivo’s name) taped an old episode of 7th Heaven. I was shocked and took it quite personally. It turns out it had a guest appearance by Keri Russell so it was understandable but the whole thing seem to come out of left field. It was strange.

Anyway, the break will be good. I’m also excited because I love flying home because it means I get 3 to 4 hours on uninterrupted TV time on board of the plane. I’m flying through Montreal because I get more flying time then if I flew to Toronto. I usually watch one movie and some shows and it’s great because it’s guilt free. When you are stuck on a plane you don’t have to worry about work, emails, phone calls, daylight or even fresh air. You are stuck on a plane thousands of feet up in the air!

Anyway, I’m going to be in Fredericton for a couple of days, then camping in Sussex (hee hee) then off to Halifax, back to Fredericton and then off to Toronto for 5 days! I’m pumped for the trip to Toronto because me and some friends are going to be hitting up the town and catching Avenue Q. And you would be a fool to not think that I am not going to do my best to get me on MTV Live. Jessie, Diane, Dan, Nicole, Paul Aliya-Jasmine and the rest of the MTV gang must know I exist. This is my new life goal.

I’ll still be updating the ol’ bloggity blog and I have a HUGE (think #1) announcement on August 1st. It’s going to be great!

Bon Voyage (can I wish myself that? oh well, I just did!!!)

Mike Morrison