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We’re all busy around the holidays, especially when you try to see all your friends and family, and they are trying to do the same thing. So quite often, the thing we don’t have time to do is get them a present. But for many people, gift giving is the funnest part of the season.

Enter the DIY gift. Now, I’m by no means a crafting expert but I have fun from time to time coming up with a creative gift that shows I care. So when Maltesers challenged me to #HaveABall this holiday season with my gifts, I was certainly up for the challenge!

Here are some other #HaveABall challenges to help you enjoy the holiday season:

Wanna eat ‘em all? Grab some cups, find a table and challenge your friends to #HaveABall.

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Challenge a friend to see who’s the best tosser. Winner gets all the Maltesers, loser still gets to #HaveABall

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1 minute. 2 friends. 4 chopsticks. Compete for bragging rights and Maltesers®. #HaveABall

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Check out my video to see some of my #HaveABall challenges. Who says you can’t play with your food?

If you want to see more #HaveABall challenges for yourself, visit the Maltesers Canada Instagram page.

Mike Morrison