Having lived in Calgary nearly 12 years, there’s obviously lots to love about this city. But one thing I think visitors and stay-cationers don’t realize, is just how cheap our hotels are on weekends.  It’s something I noticed years ago and I still can’t believe it. Especially when you try to plan a weekend vacation in other major Canadian cities.

So today is Wednesday, and if I wanted to book at hotel room for this Saturday, in downtown Calgary, according to a Google search here are some of my choices:

Calgary Marriott Downtown: $99
Fairmont Palliser: $159
Hotel Arts $89 (!!!)
Le Germain $189
Hilton Garden Inn $134
Sheraton Suites Eau Claire $149
Delta Hotels Calgary Downtown $132
The Westin Calgary: $129
The International Hotel Calgary $107
Hyatt Regency $189

And I should say, these are all hotels that I would put my granny in. That should always be your bar for booking a hotel room: Would you let your grandmother stay there.

And this isn’t just something that’s happening this weekend, I notice rates like this all the time.  Of course, during the week they get a bit more expensive, but if you’re planning a visit to Calgary, or you don’t want your parents to stay with you (amen!), or you want to maybe plan a bit of a stay-cation, you should check out these hotels.  It’s a great way to explore Calgary, catch a show, have a great meal or just stroll the streets.

Anyway, just wanted to share that little tip.

Mike Morrison