Just wanted to let you know that for the next week or so, I’m gonig to be stepping away from the computer, I fear my eyes will explode to exposure to actual sunlight, but it must be done!

I’m going camping on PEI and the place does not have the internet. Yes, those places do exist. But fear not my faithful friends, I’m not going to leave you hanging.

I got a couple of posts all saved up for you to get you through the week. PLUS, I am also going to have two guest bloggers help me out, just to be sure you don’t miss any thing cool whilst I’m missing everything that is cool.

colin and henna will be writing for me all week. They both write kick-ass blogs and I have no problem leaving my blog in their very capable hands.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun week and let’s try to keep the celebrity deaths to a minimum. Unless they deserve it. You know who you are….

Mike Morrison