So I just posted my 200th post! Wow! That seems like alot seeing as how I started in August. I probably should have better things to do with my time, but I dont! I guess I also have so much to say!
So I’ve been kinda teaching myself this whole blogging thing and I’ve been fortunate to have been given quite a bit of shout outs on Entertainment Weekly’s site and The Calgary Heralds. But, as I said, I’m teaching myself so I want to hear from those of you reading this. (Hi Granny!) What do you think? Do I write about American Idol too much? Do I talk about my L.A trip insesently? ( ps.I’m hanging with Chris Jericho again this weekend!! hee hee!) Is there anything you want to see me write about. Or that I should already be writing about. I’m all ears. No seriously, I feel like I have huge ears!
Also, Do you have a favorite post? I think the Joey Lawrence or the Val Kilmer ones are both Lillian’s favorites. What about you?
Also, a little site update: I’ve updated my “blogs I read” and “links I visit.” If you haven’t updated in the past couple of months you got the boot (sorry karen, your lucky Brad), but if you start writing again, let me know and you’ll get right on there.
For those of you reading this on my Facebook feed, make sure you add my site to your favorites! (www.miguelmorrison.blogspot.com) Sometimes some of the stuff I post (videos and pictures) don’t always make it to Facebook, so make sure you check it out!

So 200 posts eh!? How are you going to celebrate? I think we’ve all seen how Jack Nicholson has decided to celebrate (see below) but I think thats a little extreme. Celebrate how you must and send me pictures of said celebration. I know I will be celebrating by going to the gym, then watching 3 hours of TV. Ahhh life, just the way god intended it.

But seriously, thanks for reading and keep the comments and updates coming!

Welcome to the club Jack!

Mike Morrison