Today is very cool day for Canadian schools!

It’s Music Monday!
Music Monday invites everyone to show their love of music in their schools and in their lives. There are over 1,700 schools from British Columbia, to the Yukon and Northwest Territories joining their peers across the country to Newfoundland and Labrador. 
At some pointe today, there will be a nation-wide simultaneous concert to celebrate music education in Canadian schools. Students and teachers from coast-to-coast will take their music programs outdoors to perform the same song at the exact same time, uniting the country in song.  This year’s song was the very catch Sing, Sing by Serena Ryder (listen to it here)
Good thing they didn’t have this when I was in school.  My William Hung-type voice would have been reason enough to call the whole thing.
side note: since they are going to be out of the schools at the same time.  if you’ve ever wanted to rob an elementary school, I’m guessing this would be the ideal time.
Go Canadian Music!

Mike Morrison