Look, I’ll get right to the point.  I’m not a giant fan of Mother’s Day.  Actually, it’s not that I don’t like Mother’s Day, more its placement in the year. Since my birthday is May 10th, it often falls on or dangerously close to what will eventually be a municipal holiday…somewhere.

Luckily, my mom is cool enough to let this only bother me temporarily. Even though she lives on the other side of the country, she’s always great to have a conversation with and is ridiculously supportive. Seriously, who lets their son be a blogger?  That takes patience.

Three Reasons Why She’s Great!

1. She doesn’t have a facebook account. Most kids have become accustomed to having to screen their photos and probably end up having to explain a lot to their mothers.  I fortunately do not, which makes my mom awesome. Actually, a few years ago my mom opened a facebook account, so she could vote for something for me, but she forgot her password and has yet to care enough to remember it.

2.  Not that she can’t handle technology. My mom is great at email.   So great that she hardly uses the body of the email.  Nope, instead my mom will write her entire message in the subject line.  Sometimes it’s so long that by the time you finish reading the one long sentence, you forget what it was even about.  So really, my mom was tweeting before there was even twitter.  Now that is cool!

3.  I only get home once a year but when I do, my mom always makes sure that there is my favourite meal: Greco Party Pizza.  Yes, I realize most people crave their mother’s home cooked meals, and while my mom is a great cook (You haven’t had bacon until you have my mom’s.)  But it takes a great mom to know that above all else, whenever I’m home, a Greco Party Pizza must be had. She also manages to find lobster, no matter how out of season.  I don’t know how she does it, but I’m sure glad she does.

And One Reason Why She’s Not:

Last time I was home, she watched three episodes of Two and A Half Men in a row.  On purpose.  Unforgivable.

Mike Morrison

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  1. Yes, but she’s your mom. You’ll get over it. And you might even forgive her.

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