>So across Canada we are celebrating the Victoria Day long weekend. With the exception of southern Ontario, the weather is pretty shitty. So what do you do on a shitty long weekend?
Well you go see the movie Waitress.

Also, I’ve been holding on to a highly embarrassing video. Saving it for a rainy day. I figured today would be as good a day as any.

It is me surfing in Hawaii. Before you watch it I feel like I should tell you a cool story that happened minutes before this video took place. We were all learning to surf and having a great time. My instructor, Lumpy, pushed me into this big wave, i got up on my board and was surfing away. Then all of a sudden there was another surfer in front of me. Our boards hit and she flew off, but being the McGuiver I am I jumped off of my board and onto the girl’s and rode out the rest of the wave. Now I know you don’t believe me, I hardly believe it. But Rebecca (my roomie) saw the whole the thing. I felt like a regular Jack Johnson.

Then this happened…………. (facebooker’s click here to see it)

Mike Morrison