Soooo….that was Summer.  What did you think?  I guess depending where you lived, it was either the best summer ever (Vancouver, Maritimes) or the very worst like in Calgary where it got about thirty degrees only ONCE!  Be still my still cold heart.

So I hope you are all off enjoying you Labour Day holiday.  When everyone gets back to work on Tuesday, it will be as busy as ever on Mike’s Bloggity Blog, so make sure you swing by when you get the chance.

Since it is a holiday, I thought it would be great day to catch up on some other Canadian blogs, here’s what I’ve been reading:

  • Molly Rankin‘s Sunset has maintained the Top 5 most played song on my Ipod for several years now.  So I was pumped to see that she recently swung by the National Post’s studios to sing a new song!  (The Ampersand)
  • Ever wonder what the Top 5 Best Theme songs are?  XOXO Jes has got them!
  • 2 Birds, One Stone.  Chris broke some MAJOR MuchMusic scoop.  You’re not going to believe it. (Out Is Through)
  • Diane over at TV, Eh? posted a very interesting story about Heartland‘s big move down south!
  • I wish I had gone to a Mario Bros. inspired school!!! (The Review Crew)
  • The TV Addict has five very good reasons for you to watch the second season premiere of Vancouver-filmed Life UneXpected.

Mike Morrison


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