Since my last name is Morrison, I’ve always assumed that I am the most passive-aggresive person out there. But I think the Global TV and CTV publicists may just have me beat!

They both recently sent out press-releases that make my awkward silent filled Christmas dinners, look like an episode of Full House.
Let’s look at them shall we?
From CTV:
  • ” CTV leads Global by nearly 60% in primetime, claims 7 out of Top 10 series –”
  • “V averages 11% more viewers than GLEE (907,000) on Global.”
  • ” More viewers flock to CTV than Global in primetime in Canada’s two largest television markets as well”
That was yesterday. Then today, Global sends out their year-end release, with the subject: Global Thanks CTV. You know this shit ain’t going to be nice.

From Global
  • “Global Television wishes to thank CTV for its recent press release recapping the fall television season “
  • “In its haste to issue the release, CTV staff must have accidentally neglected to include the list of top shows among Adults 18-49, the key demographic for most TV advertisers”
  • “In the same spirit of goodwill, Global would like to congratulate CTV for maintaining its top ranking among Canadian networks this fall. Global is also very pleased with its own performance.”
  • “Everyone at Global wishes the staff at CTV the very best of the holiday season. We look forward to collaborating with you further in the new year to ensure advertisers and members of the press stay informed about the ever-changing TV landscape”
Zing! Sure it looks nice. But you can totally picture the Global publicist typing with anger. Probably just using her index fingers, just to emphasize the sarcastic tone.
After comparing their ratings charts, I think both networks should pay attention to their schedules and notice that neither of them have a single Canadian show in the Top Ten. They are fighting over shows that are made in another country. It seems that should be the major issue here.
Can’t wait for your holiday press releases City TV and CBC!

Mike Morrison