Since I write a Canadian entertainment blog, Canada Day is sorta like Christmas Day for me. But this year, I wanted to give you the gift: a ton of free Canadian music. Now that summer is officially here,  it’s the perfect time to update your  playlists with some fantastic artists that maybe you’ve never even heard of.  I’ve scoured the internet, twitter and Facebook looking for some of my favourites and here’s the list with links to all the artists with free singles, EPs and albums that you can download right now!

Happy Canada Day!

Fevers is an Ottawa-based five-piece and purveyors of independent, electronic pop. You can download two of their singles for FREE. Passion is Dead and Straighter Line.

Leeroy Stagger has  a new folk-rock album called “Radiant Land” (his 7th!!!) and you can download the first single, “Dirty Windshields” for free.

Have you heard of that awesome show called Suits on Bravo?  Well, this week the show featured “There She Goes” by Montreal singer Nash.  If you haven’t heard it, then you must, and yes, it’s FREE.

If you’re patiently waiting for Noel Johnson‘s new album, then the free single “Roses and Bottles” should help hold you over.

The Washboard Union are a three car pile up of three bluegrass bands and now they make up Canada’s only 7 piece Outlaw Bluegrass Band.  They just put an album out LAST WEEK and they already have two singles that you can download without spending a single penny.  (Their name also reminds me that I need to work out this year.)

While you’re reading this, you could be downloading the free three-track EP from Pleasure Cruise.  Coming in under ten minutes, these pop jams could be your summer playlist.

Wanna kick of your July with a little country music?  Craig Moritz has a free download of his single With You.

Are all these free singles not enough for you?  Well then, maybe you’ll like Keep Tidy‘s ENTIRE ALBUM, that is up for a free download! These kings of the party anthems have seven songs from BudsBuds that will help you celebrate the long weekend.

Mike Morrison


  1. Hey Mike,
    “Score: A Hockey Musical” is my son’s all time fav movie. The girls in the family enjoyed it too…
    Good call!

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