There’s a million billion things to do in Canada on Canada Day.  Whether it’s checking out fireworks, a street festival or exploring a new neighbourhood, every city will be busting at the seams to celebrate our nation’s birthday.

But if you wanted to get out of the city and explore something different, Park Canada is offering free parks admission on our 144th birthday.  That’s right, from coast to coast, every national park is FREE!  You get free admission!  You get free admission!  You get free admission.

Parks Canada will also be celebrating its birthday on July 1st and its marking a 100 years young.  Man! What kind of moisturizer do they use?  Consider me jealous!

Visit Park Canada’s website to find an amazing park near you!

Mike Morrison


  1. Happy birthday, happy birthday, we wish you all Happy Birthday! That is probably the song that’s heard and sang in our lives. We heard when we were babies and then learned and sang in our birthday and those of our family and friends . Undoubtedly, it is the most popular song, the best known and sung. Happy Birthday comes from English and over time has resulted in a multitude of languages worldwide.

  2. Is the parks picture yours? I am looking for a similar, majestic picture of a canadian location for a postcard.

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