>So regular readers know that my mom is pretty cool. She has to be, since I lambaste her all the time on this freaking blog. But she is also the woman that coined “mommy’s night-night juice” for her nightly bottle glass of wine, so she has to expect it a little bit.

Well today is her birthday, yes her mother’s was yesterday. I bugged her today because I just realized that every year she has to share her birthday with her mom, then she has to share mother’s day with me! I would hate to have to share a birthday with me, that’s why I politely email U2’s Bono every year and tell him to move it along. But it doesn’t seem to bother my mom, she seems to be pretty cool about it. I wish I could say the same about Bono.
One of my favorite things about my mom is how she’ll watch a movie for 95 minutes, but if the last five minutes are scary, she’ll turn it off. She’s never seen Titanic because of the whole boat sinking thing and she won’t even watch Celine Dion‘s My Heart Will Go On music video, because of the clips of said boat sinking.
As per usual, my mom asked for cash only this year for her birthday, so I did one thing better. I got her Rankin Sister Christmas tickets in Fredericton! She acts like she is disappointed, but she’ll come around. Either way, I’m going to see the Rankin Sisters, so score one for selfish gifts, right?
Have a great birthday mom! You’re pretty cool.

Mike Morrison