>There are a handful of people that have been here from beginning of Mike’s Bloggity Blog.

Megan Pratt is one of those people. I can without a doubt say that I would be NO WHERE if it wasn’t for her giving me a shot three years ago. And well, today is Megan’s birthday, so of course, I have to make a big deal about it!
Megan is actually one of my most random friends in Calgary. We’ve been friends for three years and I think I can count on two hands, how many time we’ve actually met. But that doesn’t matter, because we talk on MSN all day, every day.
Shocking right. Who still uses MSN? Megan and I do.
In the past three years, I’ve learned that Megan loves shopping, shoes, Peter Mansbridge and most importantly wine. And for her birthday, I hope she gets all of these things!
Head on over to her blog and leave her a birthday message.
She was also recently on BT trying out a new credit card product called The Smart Swipe, check that out below!


Mike Morrison